Advisory Team

Dream Boost Advisory Team

In 2018, the BIG Dream Gathering Team will be offering up to four $2,500 BIG DREAM BOOST Scholarships!

These scholarships are designed to give four people a needed boost for their dream!

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But… hey… we didn’t want the “boost” to stop with just cash.

That’s why we’ve assembled our amazing “Dream Boost Advisory Team” (or… D’BAT for short).

As you’ll see below, each D’BAT Advisor has been successful in different areas of life, whether it be business, leadership, mental toughness, health, wellness, media and/or publishing.

So we’ll match up our Scholarship Winners with their very own D’BAT Advisor based on their dream and their needs! How cool is that?

We can’t wait to connect the BIG Dream Boost winners with their Advisors.

Maybe it will be YOU!

Business & Leadership – Carrie Wilkerson

A small town girl who was able to think beyond the city limits, Carrie Wilkerson is an award-winning author, international speaker, popular media personality and sought-after radio guest. Featured on CNN and Fox Business and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, she’s also worked with Dr. John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Donald Miller and other influential business leaders on business strategies and current trends.

Carrie mostly enjoys helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives.

Healthy Living – Sonia Hunt

Sonia Hunt is a successful entrepreneur and passionate advocate for people with severe food allergies. Sonia has had to find ways to cope with over 31 different food allergies and is now helping those who are living with severe food allergies to navigate the world in a way that embraces the idea of wellness as alignment of your body, mind, and soul.  (Sonia’s TED talk on the subject has been viewed over 1 million times.) She wants to help people live healthier lives… no matter what they’re up against.

Business and Leadership – John Morgan

John Michael Morgan has served as a private consultant and mentor to bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, churches, and some of the world’s largest brands and high achievers.

He is the bestselling author of Brand Against The Machine, which spent 9 months atop Amazon’s Top-Rated Marketing books list and has been labeled “the new definition of branding.”

John began studying the topics of personal development and achievement when he was a teenager as a way of overcoming a battle with depression. Since then, he has started 3 successful businesses both online and offline and is now on a mission to equip 10 million leaders with the strategies they need to achieve success.

Marketing, Branding and Social Media – Drew McLellan

A national expert in branding and marketing, agency owner, columnist, author and agency consultant. According to the AdAge Power 150 list, Drew’s blog is one of the world’s most popular blogs on branding and marketing. He owns his own agency, McLellan Marketing Group and the Agency Management Institute.

Drew’s often interviewed/quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, CNN, BusinessWeek, and many others. The Wall Street Journal calls him “one of 10 bloggers every entrepreneur should read.”

Start Ups – Willie Morris

A few years ago, Willie Morris moved to New York City with a few dollars in his pocket and a dream of creating a “impact-driven” company. He moved to New York City and started to network with people with like passions. Within weeks he found himself pitching his idea to social media icon Gary Vaynerchuk. At the close of that meeting, Gary became an investor and Willie had the capital to start his company. Since then he’s grown his organization called “Faith Box” from zero to 10K monthly subscribers. Plus, he’s partnered with other impact-driven companies around the world to build a globe-changing network of socially conscious entrepreneurs. He wants to see more “impact-driven” businesses out there!

Previously, he was involved in product & design at Amazon and Boeing, has launched award-winning mobile apps, and maintains an almost-daily vlog on YouTube.

Start Ups – Mike Meyers

Mike Meyers started his business from scratch.  When we say, “From scratch,” we mean he had no money.  But he and his brother had an idea, passion, a willingness to work hard and a dream.  So while Mike was a Senior at the University of South Carolina and his brother was a junior, they started to raise capital for their endeavor.  First by entering business plan writing contents.  (They raised over $60,000 that way!)  Then eventually, by seeking investors for their big idea.  Now their company is growing, thriving and fully funded.  Mike has a passion for helping budding entrepreneurs find funding to begin to pursue their business dreams.

Extreme Sports and Mental Toughness – Kevin Haugh

Kevin Haugh is the Vice President for tax counsel for a leading bank in San Francisco. Before that he was a manager at KPMC and a senior analyst at Arthur Anderson. He’s happy to talk about his career, but when most people find out about Kevin’s story, they want to talk about another one of his passions: extreme swimming.

Kevin swims in the open ocean for incredibly long distances. Kevin has completed the Alcatraz Crossing (without a wetsuit) twelve times, he’s won the “Polar Bear Swim Award (40+ miles swimming in open water during the winter with no wetsuit) 9X and he’s swam from San Francisco to Alcatraz, around and back (without a wetsuit). He is also a National Champion Adventure Team Captain, 3X Ironman Triathlete and a lifetime Martial Artist.

With all of his adventures, Kevin loves to help others overcome fear, create focus and push themselves past their perceived limits.

Book Writing and Publishing – Lise Cartwright

Lise Cartwright is a successful writer and author… with 21 Amazon best sellers to her credit.  She’s a genius when it comes to navigating the world of self-publishing.  Plus, she’s helped a number of other authors hit “best seller” status.  In fact, her strategies and wisdom helped BIG Dream Gathering co-founder Mitch Matthews unseat Oprah for a period of time to make IGNITE a #1 best seller on Amazon.  She’s excited to see more people understand how they can get their writing and ideas out to the world.

Magazines, Marketing, Storytelling, and Events – Samuel Griffin

Sam is based in Charleston, South Carolina and serves as the Executive Director of Creative Services for Garden & Gun magazine. Prior to living in the South, he spent 13 years in New York City where he lead creative teams at Harper’s Bazaar, Bon Appétit, and House & Garden magazines. He also spent two years running his own consulting firm and worked with brands such as CFDA, Cosmopolitan, New York Fashion Week, Oprah Magazine, and Town & Country,

Sam specializes in brand development and storytelling—from ideation to execution—across print, digital, video, and native platforms. He has built and managed high-performing creative teams that include designers, writers, photographers, stylists, and videographers. He has worked for a wide range of mass and prestige brands, including: Bulleit Bourbon, Dior, Hermès, Estée Lauder, Neiman Marcus, P&G, and Volvo.

Sam has been instrumental in the re-branding of magazines through redesigned sales collateral and innovative marketing initiatives. He has served as the liaison between the marketing and editorial teams to develop strong sell-able editorial franchises. In 2012, he worked directly with the publisher on the launch of—the first-ever content-to-commerce venture owned and operated by a magazine.

He has received recognition for design and marketing from Adweek, Advertising Age, and GDUSA.

Needless to say, Sam knows the world of branded content and storytelling inside-and-out and can’t wait to help BIG Dreamers who are interested in the publishing industry.

Money & Finances – Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert. He’s the author of the best selling book, “Winning the Money Game.” He’s the creator of the documentary, “Broke, Busted and Disgusted” which is currently being featured by CNBC. He’s presented at hundred of college campuses and leadership symposiums.

Adam’s TED talk at the London School of Business has over 800,000 views and chronicles an eye-opening financial experiment he ran with his kids.

You can see that here:  CLICK HERE

Adam has a passion for helping people to “build a bigger life, not a bigger lifestyle,” and he wants the world to be more Money Savvy.  You can find out more here:

Career Coaching and Media Training – Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, author and award-winning journalist. His book ’50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life)’ is used by top organizations across the country to develop young professionals.

Prior to his current work, Antonio spent 10 years working in television as a correspondent with top networks including NBC, PBS and BET. Antonio holds a masters degree from Columbia University.

Global Travel – Lindsay Palmer

Lindsay Palmer is the BIG Dream Gathering Event Director but she’s also an avid globe traveler. In fact, she’s explored over 25 states and visited 15 countries. (She says she’s just getting started!) She has a knack for finding great deals, fun adventures and safe ways to explore the world. (Her dad really appreciates that last one!)

Lindsay has a passion for coming alongside people with big dreams of travel. She loves to share tips, strategies and stories to inspire you to see the world and do it on a budget that won’t break the bank!