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Do you disconnect when you travel?


Lindsay, here. I’m the Event Director for the BIG Dream Gathering. One of my dreams has been to travel as much as possible, so from time to time, I’ll be writing a few blog posts to share some of my experiences and ask for yours.


Do you give yourself permission…


It’s very easy to let technology dictate some part of our day. We’re constantly being bombarded by alerts, emails, texts, phone calls, and every other imaginable *ding* at all hours of the day and night. Each time I travel, I like to disconnect as much as possible, as I find that I’m reminded of the benefit it has for my mind and how it enriches my travel experience.


Two weeks overseas…


I recently returned from two weeks overseas with my best friend. We were eager to document our adventures, but I was determined to make an effort to really disconnect and enjoy the experience.

One evening in Lisbon, Portugal, we sat down to dinner and our server moved this table contraption that was sitting in between our table and the one beside us. It had a space inside for our purses (and our cell phones). He motioned for us to put our belongings in it, and slid it back in between the tables. I then looked around and realized something incredible – not a single person in that restaurant was on their phone. People were engulfed in meaningful conversations and really enjoying the time they were spending with their dining partner.

During our meal, I realized how much more meaningful our conversations were. We were diving in and not being interrupted by beeps or being tempted to refresh our Instagram feed.


My phone was on silent…


My phone was on silent for the two weeks of my trip and it was absolutely refreshing. I chose when to be on it. The constant distractions were a non issue. Now that I am home, I am going to put the phone down more often and focus on being present during those moments that really matter.


How about you…


Where and when do you give yourself permission to disconnect?

Comment below and let me know.




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